• 1. Register on our site.
    2. Enter the personal account.
    3. Tab "Deposit" > "Make deposit"
    4. Choose payment system, enter deposit sum and click “Create”.
    5. Pay for created operation and deposit will be automatically created in your account.

  • Contact support and they will help you to change wallets.

  • It’s done for security reasons, in case your account will be hacked, hackers could not change wallet and
    withdraw your funds. We care about you and your safety:)

  • To make deposit in Bitcoin, you should indicate sum in Bitcoin, not in USD. Then everything will be

  • After creation of deposit in Bitcoin you will be transferred to the page where you can pay for this deposit.
    (i.e. "3GHDXsoGpmAzsXoN4atyXYPPyrFLXPKNak") exactly there you should transfer precise sum, that indicated in the line “sum”. After some approvals from Bitcoin network, your payment will be accepted automatically.
    P.S. You should transfer exactly precise sum, that indicated, otherwise payment couldn’t be accepted.
  • Server time is different to your local. As standard in your personal account time set to GMT +0, that is same to server time. For your convenience you can change it for your local and get paid according to your local time.
  • If you received RCB to another payment system, that you don’t have, it’s not a problem!
    Please create a ticket to support and we’ll transfer your money to your account in the right payment system.